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Amplivox - 270+ Advanced two-channel diagnostic audiometer

Amplivox - 270+ Advanced two-channel diagnostic audiometer

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A powerful two-channel diagnostic audiometer with enhanced technology for more accurate testing and reduced consultation times. Introducing a new standard to the hearing healthcare profession, the Model 270+ is the perfect choice for audiologists, ENTs and hearing care professionals.

Ergonomic design
With a carefully considered layout, including premium quality rotary controls, silent touch buttons, and illuminated light ring indicators representing the selected ear, the Model 270+ allows a constant overview of the test position whilst ensuring optimal hand placement. With a logical six key (left-to-right) process to define test routines, this intuitive instrument guides operators through time saving test protocols to test accurately, making it ideal for those new to testing, as well as seasoned professionals.
Clinical measurement options
This portable audiometer features everything you’d expect within diagnostic and clinical audiometry. Manual and automatic testing is available for air (Hughson Westlake and Békésy) and bone conduction, along with intuitive tools that enable users to determine hearing loss issues quickly and efficiently. With recorded and live speech testing, the SRT and SDT scored can easily be defined at the most comfortable threshold level (MCL) for faster hearing aid fitting. The Model 270+ also includes key clinical tests required for the diagnosis of hearing issues such as cochlear and retrocochlear hearing loss (e.g. SISI, Tone Decay, ABLB). Additional counselling tools such as Hearing Level Simulator (HLS) and Master Hearing Aid (MHA) enable the operator to provide class-leading patient care.
Masking assistant
The integrated masking assistant function informs the operator when to apply masking levels whilst also assessing the volume of the stimulus as either ideal, too loud, or too soft. This ensures a completely accurate measurement. When required, the Model 270+ can also be set to automated testing where it will apply masking levels automatically, for both air and bone conduction.

Data management
With the inclusion of an internal memory function, test results can be printed immediately or saved for future processing using the supplied Amplisuite software. Amplisuite allows for easy results download for processing and management with useful counselling tools such as spectum/banana. The audiometer also offers single-click integration to third party Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems such as Noah and OtoAccess® enabling the seamless transfer of results and data, for exceptional workflow efficiency.

Key Features
• Two-channel audiometer
• Tone audiometry (AC, BC, pure tone, warble tone, pulsed tone)
• Narrowband and speech weighted masking
• Automatic AC and BC testing including automatic masking
• Speech audiometry (recorded and live)
• Masking assistant
• Free field functionality
• Special tests: ABLB, Stenger, SISI, Tone decay, HLS, MHA
• Amplisuite software and Noah modules included

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