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Amplivox - 260 Portable diagnostic audiometer

Amplivox - 260 Portable diagnostic audiometer

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Product Properties

A cost-effective, portable and dependable diagnostic audiometer including air conduction (AC), bone conduction (BC), masking functionality, and speech testing. With its compact nature, the Model 260 is an ideal tool for audiologists and mobile hearing care professionals.
Supportive design
With no configuration or set-up required, and an intuitive design, the Model 260 requires minimal training. It also has a dedicated key layout, enabling immediate and  effortless hearing loss diagnosis.
Test options
This portable audiometer features everything you’d expect for both screening and diagnostic audiometry. With manual air and bone conduction testing, alongside helpful assistance tools, operators can determine hearing loss issues quickly and efficiently. With recorded and live speech testing functionality in addition to free field output, clinical tests such as Stenger and ABLB, the Model 260 provides a comprehensive solution ensuring leading patient care can be provided.
This instrument is lightweight and comes with a custom protective case. For complete portability it can be used for either desktop or mobile use.
Data management
With the benefit of an internal memory function, test results can be printed immediately or saved for future processing using the supplied Amplisuite software. The audiometer also offers single-click integration to third-party Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems such as Noah and OtoAccess®. This enables the seamless transfer of results and data, for exceptional workflow efficiency.

Key features

  • Air and bone conduction, ULL/UCL Speech testing (live and recorded)
  • Free field audiometry (2 speaker function)
  • Tone selection: pure, pulsed, warble, continuous
  • Masking: narrowband (tone) or speech-weighted
  • Special tests: ABLB, Stenger
  • Integrated talk forward/back function
  • Third-party EMR connectivity
  • Intuitive and ergonomic design
  • Compact, lightweight and portable
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