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Ambu Packot 3

Ambu Packot 3

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The Ambu Packot 3 is the ideal chair for day surgery units.

Designed to be used as a treatment chair, trolley or recovery chair to reduce manual handling, infection control and maximise time. The Ambu Packot 3 has electrical variable height, electrical back rest, leg rest, tilt, Trendelenburg and CPR. It is also fitted with anti-pinch collapsible barriers that fold away below the lying surface.

The Ambu Packot 3 is highly manoeuvrable with a 5th wheel to assist steering and has central braking pedals located on each wheel.

With the optional adjustable headrest and backrest, the Ambu Packot 3 is perfect for ophthalmological procedures.


  • Fully Washable System™
  • Removable ABS Protective Base
  • Removable Mattress
  • Removable Lying Surface
  • Steel frame with epoxy coating
  • 4 wheels with central braking
  • 2 foldable barriers
  • 5th directional wheel
  • Electrical functions : Backrest, leg rest, adjustable height, trendelenburg with remote control
  • 2 push handles at the foot end
  • Mattress with PU fireproof cover
  • Overall dimensions: Length 2200 mm x width 810 mm
  • Seating width: 650 mm / 750 mm / 850 mm
  • Adjustable height 500 mm to 900 mm
  • Trendelenburg: 12°
  • Backrest: 0 to 75°
  • Legrest: 0 to 30°
  • Wheels: 200 mm with central braking
  • Weight: 240 kg
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