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AlcoSaber Breathalyzer

AlcoSaber Breathalyzer

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Product Properties

  • Instant alcohol screening
  • Red = alcohol detected
  • Green = no alcohol detected

The AlcoSaber is a unique breathalyser ‘wand’ designed for alcohol screening.

It is ideally suited for use in situations where rapid testing of large quantities of people with minimal intrusion is required – for example, site entrances, roadblocks and entrances into safety-critical environments.

Its unique LED light offers a clear positive/negative result within 2 seconds, then clears itself automatically ready for the next test. A green light indicates no alcohol has been detected, a red light indicates that alcohol has been detected (a positive test result).

Black or fluro yellow AlcoSaber belt case available separately.

Key Features 

  • Displays the test result instantly
  • Ideal for rapid response, high volume alcohol screening
  • No physical contact between the device and the subject
  • Pre-set limits to suit your company policy
  • No mouthpieces, so no consumable costs

The AlcoSaber is the perfect alcohol screening device can be used to screen people on a regular basis efficiently and cost effectively. If the breathalyser test reveals a positive result (alcohol detected) , then a follow-up breathalyser test should be conducted with an evidential breathalyser like the Dräger Alcotest 6820 Breathalyzer.

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