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AlcoDigital Platinum Lite Breathalyzer

AlcoDigital Platinum Lite Breathalyzer

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Product Properties

The AlcoDigital Platinum Lite breathalyzer is our smallest and best value breathalyser with a fuel cell sensor. Fuel cell sensors are at least twice as accurate as semi-conductor sensors and will generally give double the lifespan too. The Lite is the fixed sensor version of the Alco Digital Platinum breatherlyser.

The AlcoDigital Platinum Lite comes with NFC (Near Field Communication) as standard so you can use it with the free AlcoTag app to record your readings.

UK based 12 month warranty.

Accurate Fuel Cell Sensor

Fuel cell sensors are much larger than semi-conductor sensors. The larger the sensor, the better it can produce the electrical current needed to detect levels of alcohol – giving more reliable and consistent results. The size of our Platinum Lite sensor is 30mm².

You will also find that fuel cell sensors are more durable, so they can be used frequently whilst maintaining their high levels of accuracy. Regular calibration can see these sensors lasting years and years. The Platinum Lite needs calibrating every 12 months or 500 tests (whichever comes first).

The Breathalyser App

There have been breathalysers that have worked with your phone before – the difference with the Platinum Lite is that it is primarily a breathalyser first and an app second.  Use the free AlcoTag app on your android phone via NFC (Near Field Communication) giving you the chance to take a picture of yourself blowing into the breathalyzer for your records, just in case you have an evening sharing it with your friends that you want to remember the next day!  The breathalyzer connects wirelessly with NFC before and after the test and records the result along with the date and time.

Add your local taxi numbers to the app for the days when you do have alcohol left in your system and are not safe to drive.

Check out your results over an evening with the data chart and learn more about how your body processes alcohol.

The Platinum Lite is also EN Approval as a Breath Alcohol Test Device for General Public, clearly demonstrating its accuracy and reliability – which is obviously more important than the reviews, but we’re always happy when people like our littlest fuel cell!


 CE approval

 FDA approval

 DOT Alcohol Screening Device

 EN Approved – EN16280


The AlcoDigital Platinum Lite breathalyzer comes with an integrated mouthpiece that easily slides out of the breathalyzer and in again for safe storage. Unlike any semi-conductor breathalyzer you never need to worry about taking spare mouthpieces with you – if the device is just for yourself you’re not likely to even need the spares.  However, we know and understand that these breathalyzers are popular with friends and family so 5 spare re-usable mouthpieces are included with the Platinum Lite purchase.

Additional Features

  • Unique colour
  • Batteries included
  • Flow rate sensor – provides a warning if the breathalyser isn’t being supplied with a regular flow of breath.
  • Wide storage and operating temperature range – can be stored 0ºC to 50ºC and operated at 5ºC – 40ºC.


The AlcoDigital Platinum Lite needs calibrating every 12 months or 500 tests (whichever comes first).

Technical Specification:

  • Best value fuel cell breathalyzer
  • NFC to work with the free AlcoTag app on your phone
  • EN Approved

What is in the box?

  • AlcoDigital Platinum Lite breathalyzer
  • x5 reusable mouthpieces
  • x2 AAA 1.5v batteries
  • Soft storage case
  • User manual


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