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AlcoDigital EON Breathalyzer with Bluetooth Printer

AlcoDigital EON Breathalyzer with Bluetooth Printer

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Product Properties

 With a replaceable professional fuel cell sensor, the AlcoDigital EON enables you to test with police grade accuracy.
EN approved, with a wireless Bluetooth printer for on-the-spot evidential results.

  • EN Approved
  • NHTSA Evidential Approval

The AlcoDigital EON breathalyser is an EN approved (certification EN 15964:2011) professional breathalyzer offering police-grade accuracy for your alcohol screening requirements. This system kit also includes a Bluetooth printer, 100 mouthpieces, plus your first service and professional calibration.

This EON breathalyzer system kit gives you precise, on-the-spot evidential results. The EON uses a replaceable fuel cell sensor module with a life span of 3-5 years, requiring professional calibration every 6 months. The sensor module can be calibrated independently, without the breathalyser unit. This enhanced feature makes the EON totally unique – it is the only professional breathalyser in the world with EN approval to have a replaceable and reusable sensor which can be calibrated in this way.

Key Features

  • EN approved (certification EN 15964:2011)
  • Displays the measurement in mg/L to an accuracy of +/-0.005% BAC (in normal mode)
  • Fast mode enables a simple PASS/FAIL result – ideal for high speed, high volume screening
  • Includes Bluetooth Printer, 100 mouthpieces plus your first service and calibration
  • Store up to 500 test results in memory

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