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AL40+ Vaccine Carrier

AL40+ Vaccine Carrier

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Tailor-made Vaccine Cooler for carrying all vaccines, ideal for the Covid Vaccine. LED temperature display comes with extra set of coolant. More coolant sets available if required

Perfect for the safe transportation of medication and vaccines. We suggest this cooler for the safe transpiration of the new Covid vaccines. Neat and easy to use. LED external temperature display, (uses 1xLR44 battery), shoulder strap, pouches for coolants, no direct contact with coolant. The AL Series are designed specifically to be used principally in a stand alone short term containment or storage function where safe temperature limits are essential in transit, or during use, for packaged blood products and vaccines for human beings in the prevention, treatment or alleviation of disease. Reusable high performance, fully sealed, insulated Controlled Temperature Medical Cold Chain Box. This product can be adapted to suit all cooling requirements in temperatures from +43ºC to -25º C

Weight (Kg) 5.5 KGS
Height (External) 37.5 CMS
Width (External) 38.5 CMS
Length (External) 47.5 CMS
Height (Internal) 30.9 (usable 24) cms
Width (Internal) 31.9 (usable 25) cms
Length (Internal) 40.9 (Usable 34) cms
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