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AioCare Spirometer - Doctor Unit with 12 Month Software

AioCare Spirometer - Doctor Unit with 12 Month Software

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AioCare is a professional system to monitor and treat pulmonary diseases. The system comprises a portable spirometer connected to a smart device app (phone or tablet) and a comprehensive online panel to access patient results.

AioCare Doctor enables a full spirometry test to be conducted in a doctor’s office, including a bronchial challenge test. For patients who are unable to attend the practice, the system is also available for home use (AioCare Patient).

The AioCare solution is available as a standalone device or bundled with an annual subscription.


• Confirmed Quality - AioCare is a cutting-edge, Class IIa medical device (MDD), certified by the notified body TUV Nord and has also been validated by an observational study in a sample of patients.
• Accessibility - AioCare is a small, portable device that can be taken virtually anywhere. It’s easy to use and inexpensive with an intuitive app-based interface for creating patient records and automatically save test results. This enables comprehensive statistical analysis and management of the patient’s disease history.
• High Accuracy - The accuracy of AioCare’s test results is identical to those conducted with traditional spirometry equipment available within Primary Care.
• Data Security - All stored data is secured by the same secure SSL protocol used in banking. Data is entirely stored in the certified Microsoft Azure cloud. Vyaire takes patient safety seriously and have appointed a Data Protection Officer who ensures the security and safety of all procedures and systems.
• Full Spirometry - AioCare registers inspiratory and expiratory flow volume curves and displays key parameters
• Highly Accurate - AioCare meets the ERS and ATS expiratory flow volume curves criteria. It’s a Class IIa medical device (MDD), compliant with ISO 26782:2009 and ISO 23747:2015 standards.
• Simple Solution - The AioCare system requires no expensive software to be installed and its’ web-based data platform can be accessed anywhere. The device connects wirelessly to Android or iOS smart-devices.
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