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A&D - UB-525 - Wrist blood pressure monitor with AFib screening

A&D - UB-525 - Wrist blood pressure monitor with AFib screening

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A clear step towards a healthy lifestyle, the monitor benefits from extremely accurate Oscillometric BP measurement, first developed and patented by A&D back in 1984.

Taking repeatable, accurate readings using the A&D UB-525 Automatic Wrist Monitor is made simple with A&D technology:

A&D World Health Organisation Blood Pressure Indicator.

  • A&D first pioneered the simple ‘traffic light’ indicator system for blood pressure monitors in 2003.
  • This simple indicator helps the user quickly identify whether their readings are low, normal or high based on the World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines.

The UB-525 is clinically validated to the world recognized European Hypertension Society (ESH) guidelines so the user can have complete confidence in their readings.

The A&D UB-525 also benefits from a large memory to record the readings. This allows the recording of up to 60 recordings, and also incorporates the average value feature of the stored data, as well as the WHO Blood pressure classification indicator to allow the users to better control their management programs.

It also boasts A&D's unique technology for Irregular Heartbeat  (IHB) and AFib screening/Circadian Rhythm analysis technology, pioneered by A&D in 2001 and now found on most of our range of blood pressure monitors. This A&D ground breaking technology is now used worldwide assisting in the opportunistic detection of arrhythmias – which include AFib (or Atrial Fibrillation).

The Japanese design and reliable quality of the UB-525 allows A&D to offer the user a 5 Year warranty (excluding batteries and Cuff).

Key Features

  • Simple to use, easy one button operation
  • Lightweight, compact design
  • Drawing on A&D’s industry leading measuring accuracy
  • 60 readings memory recording – for recording trending
  • Average reading function
  • Extra-large, easy to read LCD display
  • Fast measurement
  • World Health Organisation (WHO) Blood Pressure Classification Indicator
  • A&D’s unique technology for Irregular Heartbeat (IHB) and AFib screening
  • Clinically Validated
  • 5 year warranty
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