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A&D - UA-704 - Semi-Auto compact Upper arm blood pressure monitor with Afib screening

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Product Properties

Innovative “Palm Top” Style
An innovative “Palm Top” style makes it easy to monitor your blood pressure. The  ergonomically designed monitor fits in your palm and you can touch the START button without any constriction.
Irregular Heart Beat (IHB) Indicator
This lights up if IHB is detected during the measurement. Helps users to find an irregular heartbeat, which may cause cardiovascular disease.
(Note: This is for warning purposes only. A&D recommends contacting a physician if the user sees this indicator frequently)
SlimFit Comfortable Cuff
A new innovative edge free internal bladder “EFB” promises even pressure on the arm during the measurement. This provides the user with a higher level of comfort while the arm is under pressure.
Uses Single AA Battery
The monitor is designed to conserve energy, promising a long unit service life to keep your measurements going.
(Battery life: 2,000 measurements)