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A&D - Professional upper arm blood pressure monitor - Dual mode of automatic or manual sphygmomanometer

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Product Properties

The UM-211 is designed for multipurpose use in hospitals – and is the ‘All in One’ Blood Pressure Monitor.

This model features A&D’s dual measurement mode option:

  • Auscultatory mode, for use with a stethoscope.
  • Oscillometric mode, first developed and patented by A&D back in 1984.

The UM-211′ s auscultatory mode is designed for daily and frequent use. Selectable deflation speed (2.5mmHg /sec. or 5.0mmHg / sec.), plus the quick start for auscultatory mode, and the wide range of cuffs available for arms from 12cm – 17cm through to 41cm – 50cm, are further unique features of this All-in-one Blood Pressure Monitor.

It also boasts A&D’s IHB (Irregular HeartBeat Indicator), pioneered by A&D in 2001 and now found on our entire range of blood pressure monitors. This A&D ground breaking technology is now used worldwide assisting in the opportunistic detection of arrhythmias – which include AFib (or Atrial Fibrillation).

Key Features

  • Dual measurement mode option (Auscultatory and Oscillometric)
  • Durable and chemical resistant body – for easy cleaning to Hospital infection control standards
  • Professional cuff with 5 cuff sizes covering 12cm to 50cm
  • Handy cuff holder and grip for carrying
  • shock-proof ‘bumper’ to protect it from accidental damage
  • Large angled LCD display with backlight
  • Fully rechargeable long life battery (providing 300 measurements when fully charged)
  • Adjustable inflation pressure (AUTO/220/250/280)
  • Selectable deflation speed (2.5mmHg/sec or 5.0mmHg/sec)
  • Room temperature display
  • Irregular Heart Beat (IHB) indicator
  • ESH Clinical Validation