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A&D Medical - TM-2657P Waiting Room BP Monitor (No option board) inc. stand

A&D Medical - TM-2657P Waiting Room BP Monitor (No option board) inc. stand

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Product Properties
The TM-2657P is the latest model in the range of A&D freestanding fully automatic blood pressure monitors.

  • Designed for ‘high foot fall’ areas to save time and money
  • Return on Investment (ROI) normally within 6 months
  • Can be integrated into Electronic Patient Record solution (EPR)
  • User-friendly small footprint & barrier-free design
  • Simple to use, one-touch measurement
  • “Torque Controlled Belt drive Method” (TCBM)
  • Antibacterial arm cuff cover (included as standard)/reduced risk of cross infection
  • Network connectivity options using Bluetooth or RS-232
  • Reliable high speed printer with easy paper replacement
  • Irregular Heart Beat (IHB) indicator
  • BHS A/A Clinically Validated

A&D first launched the Waiting Room monitor over 10 years ago, and it is widely used in pharmacies, hospitals and GP surgeries – in fact, it is estimated that it is used in over 1 in every 7 GP surgeries across the UK!

The reason for the popularity of the TM-2657P is because it enables patients to ‘self-screen’ and take their own blood pressure readings (and weight using a connected Medical Scale). This saves valuable clinical staff time, and therefore cost. It also allows clinical staff to see more patients, and to focus on the patients that most need help.

Where a practice has over 3,500 patients a waiting room monitor should be considered to help optimise patient screening. Once installed, the return on investment is often less than 6 months.

Building on the reputation of the previous models, the TM-2657P provides fast and accurate measurement, with its compact profile, it is extremely easy to use, and is very durable.

The TM-2657P also offers a diverse range of connectivity options – helping to expand market potential in various locations and areas of everyday life such as hospitals, medical clinics, health check-ups, corporate wellness, pharmacy services, and fitness centres.

Key Features

  • Measurement method: Oscillometric
  • Pressure display range: 0 - 299 mmHG
  • Measurment accuracy: Pressure ±3 mmHG Pulse ±5%
  • Weight: 5.5 KG (12.1lb)
  • External dimensions: 241(W)x324(H)x390(D)mm
  • Applicable arm circumference: 7 inches(18.0cm) to 13.8 inches (35.0cm)
  • Cuff size 125x300mm (4.9x11.8inches)
  • Safety device (Electrical): Quick release when START/STOP button is press / Quick release when FAST/STOP button is pressed
  • Clock Function: Clock Display, Date & Time (2015 - 2050)
  • 3 Year Warranty 
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