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4000 Outdoor Defibrillator Cabinet - Unlocked - Heater and LED Light - Yellow

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The 4000 Defibrillator Cabinet is our latest innovation for securing your public access defibrillator (PAD).

The 4000 model offers unbeatable durability to ensure your outdoor defibrillator is kept safe, secure, and always suitable for use, even in the harshest environments.

Our industry leading defibrillator cabinet includes a thermostatically controlled heater, motion sensor activated light and unlocked wing handle with a polycarbonate inspection window.

The 4000 model is the only polycarbonate defibrillator cabinet on the market that can withstand high impact forces, is fire retardant, and is UV stabilised against the effect of direct sun and will not discolour or degrade over time.

 10-year warranty, to ensure your defibrillator is kept secure for the lifetime of the device.

The 4000 range also includes the option to customise the vinyl design on the front façade.

The unlocked version of the 4000 is perfect for those who want to improve local access to defibrillators in case a passer-by suffers a sudden cardiac arrest and needs immediate assistance.