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3M Littmann Classic II Paediatric Stethoscope

3M Littmann Classic II Paediatric Stethoscope

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Littmann Classic II Paediatric Stethoscope 

The 3M™ Littmann® Classic II Paediatric Stethoscope is based on the proven design of Littmann Classic stethoscopes. It’s a dependable, hard-working clinical tool for physical assessment, monitoring, and diagnosis of smaller patients.

It delivers high acoustic sensitivity, through its dual-sided chestpiece, for both high and low frequency sounds. It is used by medical professionals and students alike to identify, listen to, and study heart, lung, and other body sounds for physical assessment and diagnosis in paediatric patients. 


  • Non-chill rim for patients
  • Soft-sealing eartips for user comfort ( a pair of firm eartips is supplied in the box)
  • Comfortable headset
  • Angled headset
  • Available in a range of colours & chestpiece finishes

General Specifications

  • Length: 71cm (28")
  • Net Weight: 105g
  • Performance: 7 out of 10
  • Primary Patient Type: Infant, Paediatric


  • Chestpiece Technology: Double Sided
  • Chestpiece Finishes Available: Stainless steel, Rainbow
  • Chestpiece Weight: 40g
  • Diaphragm Type: Floating Diaphragm
  • Diaphragm Diameter: 3.3cm (1.3")
  • Small Diaphragm Diameter: 2.5cm (1")
  • Diaphragm Material: Epoxy/Fibreglass


  • Headset Material: Wide diameter aerospace alloy / anodized aluminium
  • Eartip Type: Soft sealing
  • Extra Eartips: Yes
  • Latex Free: Yes

Other Information

  • Recommended Applications: Physical assessment and diagnosis
  • Most Suitable User Occupation: Nurse, GP, Paediatrician

Warranty: 3 years

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