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3M Littmann Classic II Infant Stethoscope - Caribbean Blue - 2124

3M Littmann Classic II Infant Stethoscope - Caribbean Blue - 2124

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3M™ Littmann® Classic II Infant Stethoscope, Caribbean Blue Tube, 28 inch, 2124

The Littmann Classic II stethoscope has been designed to be comfortable for both the patient and practitioner.  Soft-sealing eartips provide combine with a nonchill rim and diaphragm.  High quality, single lumen tubing means that your Classic II will withstand years of use.


  • Traditional, two-sided chestpiece with bell/diaphragm
  • Designed, sized and acoustically perfected for children and infants
  • Floating diaphragm
  • Non-chill rim
  • Single lumen tubing

General Specifications

  • Length: 71cm (28")
  • Net Weight: 95g
  • Performance: 7 out of 10
  • Primary Patient Type: Infant
  • Warranty: 3 years


  • Chestpiece Technology: Double sided
  • Chestpiece Finishes Available: Stainless Steel
  • Chestpiece Weight: 30g
  • Diaphragm Type: Floating
  • Diaphragm Diameter: 2.7cm (1.1")
  • Small Diaphragm Diameter: 1.9cm (0.7")
  • Diaphragm Material: Epoxy/Fibreglass


  • Headset Material: Wide diameter aerospace alloy / Anodized aluminium
  • Eartip type: Soft sealing
  • Extra Eartips: Yes
  • Latex Free: Yes

Other Information

  • Recommended Applications: Infant, Physical Assessment and Diagnosis
  • Most Suitable User Occupation: GP, Neonatologist, NICU Nurse, Paediatrician
  • EAN: 0070200726134
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