Collection: Labcold

Seal Medical and Labcold have worked closely together since 2011. Based in Basingstoke UK Labcold Medical and Scientific Refrigeration to give them their full name do exactly that, supply fridges to the Medical industry for commercial use only designed and tested to stand the rigorous of use in surgeries, medical centres and hospitals. 
Importantly Labcold do not manufacturer fridges for the domestic market meaning all of their components and manufacturing is designed for commercial use. Largely this allows them to sell their pharmacy range with a 5 year warranty giving the consumer confidence and protecting their investment. Labcold also provide the most technologically advanced production the market uniquely providing a battery back up and SD temperature data recording card, both extremely valuable assets in the event of a power cut. Based in the UK their after sales team are fantastic so should you have a question about how to get the best from your Labcold vaccine refrigerator they are always accessible and happy to help.
All of our staff have visited Labcold headquarters and seen first hand the high standards and hugely impressive set up that they have. We have witnessed the production line in full flow, understand the workings of the units, can provide all of the spare parts such as seals, displays and locks and if required offer a full annual service option, for more details don't hesitate to ask.