The very best Examination Lights

What is the difference between a good quality expensive examination light and a and an entrance level cheaper model? Well to a certain extent you get what you pay for however you can get far better quality if you shop smartly. Some medical light manufacturers simply purchase lights and brand them up as there own, this process makes the lights more expensive for the same quality light. Other retailers supply lights that are distributed from overseas which is fine and you can get some OK lights at OK prices that is until you need a spare part or something goes wrong with the light the after sales service can be below par and sometimes if out of warranty none existent.
Here at Seal Medical Supplies we have a philosophy where possible to stock the best quality medical equipment from the best possible manufacturers. In the example of examination lights we do and have worked closely for many years with a manufacturer called Daray Medical. Based in Derbyshire - Daray manufacturer all of their own lighting, don't purchase from another manufacturer, are on the end of the phone should you need any assistance, produce the best quality lights at very reasonable prices and with a life expectancy of 25 years they are generally very robust. Most popular is the Daray X100 LED examination light because of its price point. If you asked for a recommend we would steer you towards the Daray X200 which is a smidgen more expensive but a great light for use on a daily basis. If it is minor operations or a procedure light you are looking for then you wont find better value than the Daray X340, Daray X350 or Daray X400 examination lights depending on your preferences. All of the Daray lights are available in Mobile, wall mounted and rail mounted options.
If you are having new consultation rooms or simply updating old ones than give our friendly team a call and they can advise you on the most efficient lighting solution for your practice.
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