Otoscopes and Ophthalmoscopes

Diagnostic sets come in many different formats, brands and models but which one is suitable for you or your surgery? Doctors typically carry pocket sets perhaps in a protective case with one handle containing batteries that either an otoscope or ophthalmoscope head can be quickly clicked into place and used in the example of home visits.
In the surgery many rooms have either wall mounted diagnostic sets which are hard wired, these are great as they dont require replacement batteries and cant be removed so are always available to the practitioner using the room or alternatively desk mounted rechargeable units enabling greater flexibility as the individual units are not on an extendable wire.
Hospitals and care homes often have mobile units on stands that can be wheeled from patient to patient when screening or completing daily check ups. These are much like the wall mounted versions but instead mounted on casters and a stand for ease of movement.
But which brand should I choose? Welch Allyn and Keeler are definitely the most popular and prevalent models on the market but there are other popular brands such as the KaWe Picolight range and Reister. One of the most important factors here is consistency because all of these brands use their own specific specula! So if your surgery or establishment already has many Keeler units then you would be best to follow suit otherwise in the long term you will need to order a variety of specula types and sizes at added expense and inconvenience.
We hope you found the above helpful, here at Seal Medical Supplies we have many years of industry experience and so know the makes and models that have proven to be reliable, accurate and durable. Feel free to lean on our experience and consult one of our friendly team as to what makes and models of all medical equipment and furniture would work best for you.
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