Medical Grade face Shields - In Stock

Seal Medical Supplies in conjunction with a local neighbouring company are producing Medical Grade Face Shields to help key workers with protection against the current COVID-19 crisis. To date over 250,000 face shields have been produced, shipped and are in use on the front line.
The shield comprises a  transparent wipe able shield, protective comfort foam and a one size fits all elastic headband all individually wrapped and shipped in amounts from 10 units to 10,000. Purchased already by many doctors surgeries, care homes, pharmacists, shop owners, delivery drivers and individuals the face shield helps protect your eyes, nose and mouth from airborne particles, a key factor in preventing the spread of the disease.
As the country desperately tries to get back to normal and phase its way out of lock down the medical grade face shield is a key component in allowing workers to get back to their normal routine and can be used in all industries.
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