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seca 255 Mobile Weighing and Measuring System

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Seca 255 Mobile Weighing and Measuring System

This Seca 255 mobile weighing and measuring system was designed with schoolchildren and adults in mind.  Comprising of a high quality scales, height measure, adapter element and a durable carrying case the Seca 255 is suitable for use wherever patients need to be seen offsite.

Whats in the box...

  • Seca 217 Staiometer - W71039
  • Seca 878 Flat scales - W878
  • Seca 437 Adaptor element - W71039/1
  • Seca 414 Carrying Case - W71045/1


  • Seca 217 - Exceptionally high degree of stability, almost the same as a permanent installation. 
  • Seca 217 - Fast and simple to assemble, large stable head piece featuring a two sided scale for precise measuring.
  • Seca 878 - Double Display and Push button that can be turned off with a toe tap.
  • Seca 878 - Flat design and slip proof surface ensuring easy access and secure stance
  • Water-repellent and dust-proof padded carrying case
  • Simple storage


  • Weight: 10.3kg