Omron Spot Arm BP Monitor i-Q142

Omron Spot Arm BP Monitor i-Q142

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Omron Spot Arm BP Monitor i-Q142

The Omron Spot Arm blood pressure monitors are truly comfortable and completely automatic. They offer reliable and accurate upper arm measurement without having to worry about the cuff.

Patients simply need to place their arm into the comfortable SpotArm monitor, switch it on and press start. What was normally done by a healthcare professional - such as placing and wrapping the cuff - is now done automatically! A few moments later, the blood pressure and pulse values are displayed in large characters on a 3-fold display.

The SpotArm blood pressure monitors also allow the measurement of morning hypertension, a well-known health risk factor. They are equipped with Omron's Intellisense technology, irregular heartbeat detection and a large display.

Several averaging modes plus 84 memories for each of two users relieves the user from manual calculations and daily documentation.


  • Intellisense Technology for speedy measurement
  • Irregular Pulse Detection: Shows if irregular pulses are detected & only displays reliable results
  • Memory capacity for 84 memories per user; 2 users
  • Various averaging modes e.g. morning-evening average
  • Large 3-fold display (Sys/Dia/Pulse) with backlight (adapter usage only)
  • Unique prize-awarded design
  • Includes batteries, AC adapter, storage bag and blood pressure diary
  • Clinically validated
  • Free downloadable software
  • Can be used with a printer option (W8839/1)
  • The device is suitable for arm circumferences of 22 to 42cm.