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Dermapak Sample Transportation System Type 4 x 25

Dermapak Sample Transportation System Type 4 x 25

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Dermapak Sample Transportation System 

Dermapak is a unique, purpose designed system for the safe transportation and convenient handling of dermatological material for mycological investigations.

Dermapak Original has a clear plastic window attached to a matt black base of special material. The window allows visual examination of the specimen prior to opening the Dermapak.

Dermapak Type 4 is manufactured from a special grade matt black material folded to form the specimen containment area.  This helps prevent 'sweating' of the specimen if it is retained for prolonged periods of time.  Dermapak Type 4 also features side retention flaps which add to the security of the specimen and is particularly beneficial where vigorous handling (e.g. mailing) is anticipated.

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