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Cold Chain Box 58 Litre - minimum holding time 48 hours

Cold Chain Box 58 Litre - minimum holding time 48 hours

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Lightweight, super insulated medical cold chain cooler 58 Litre.

More Information
Weight (Kg) 26.4
Height (External) 468
Width (External) 468
Length (External) 468
Height (Internal) 388 (348)
Width (Internal) 388 (348)
Length (Internal) 388 (348)


This lightweight, super insulated cold chain cooler is ideal for transporting vaccines, medication and food contents.. Usable cold space 42L Light to use but can also be purchased with additional wheel base (which is detachable) for the heavier items to transport. When special ambient temperatures are needed The Nomad VPU adapts to provide maximum holding times. We have PCM (Phase Change Material) Bricks designed for our Nomad VPU that will satisfy many different ambient temperature requests, Required Temperature Range and holding times from the user.

Tested examples (Ambient Temperature with Required Temperature Range = Holding Time) :

 35°C    2°C ~ 8°C 72 hours

35°C    5°C ~ 25°C 100 hours

-20°C   2°C ~ 8°C 48 hours

-20°C   5°C ~ 25°C 48 hours

35°C    -18°C 36 hours

35°C    -30°C ~ 0°C 72 hours

35°C ~ -20°C 2°C ~ 8°C 210 hours

There are many different configurations for the use of this super box - please send in your enquiry stating required internal temperature range, minimum holding time and contents and we will be happy to suggest the correct box and phase change product to give you what you require.

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