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CoaguChek® Pro II Meter

CoaguChek® Pro II Meter

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The CoaguChek® Pro II system is used for the determination of prothrombin time (PT) by healthcare professionals in a point of care environment.

In addition to INR monitoring, testing PT in critical care situations helps to:

• Assess coagulation status in bleeding patients or for those taking vitamin K antagonists in A&E

• Assess vitamin K deficiency, monitor bleeding risk, manage hemostasis and guide transfusion therapy in the operating room

• Assess vitamin K status and/or vitamin K deficiency in the ICU

• The CoaguChek® Pro II meter is easy to implement and easy to operate.

• Wireless technology ensures immediate availability of results.


Wireless technology

• Built in WiFi means that results can be automatically shared among clinicians, nurses and patients for convenient access and delivery
• No need to dock meter to transmit results
• Integrated 1D and 2D barcode scanner to capture operator and patient IDs

Easy to implement with little training

• The enhanced features of the CoaguChek® Pro II meter are simple to use, especially if you’ve already been using CoaguChek® XS Pro meter or CoaguChek® XS Plus meter.
• Intuitive user interface makes CoaguChek® Pro II meter easy to use and easy to train.

Institution-wide implementation may lead to:

• Decreased turnaround time • Cost savings
• Streamlined workflow • Reduced time to discharge
• Time savings for staff
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