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CellAED Unit & CellAED for life™ 12 month membership

CellAED Unit & CellAED for life™ 12 month membership

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Starting with a one-time upfront purchase of your CellAED®️ you can have your CellAED for lifeTM with this 12 monthly membership.*
  • Your first CellAED®️ handheld, smart, personal AED guided by audio voice prompts
  • CellAED for life membership - an ongoing support and replacement service so that you'll always have a CellAED®️ ready for use if called to respond to a sudden cardiac arrest, plus more membership benefits. One of cost and piece of mind for replacement.

Cost split is  CellAED @ £396+VAT and £176+VAT every 12 months so only £14.66 per month- If delployed we will collect your unit and ship a brand new one out to you

One membership covers one CellAED® device. Your membership will be charged in full at check-out and will automatically renew. 

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