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Amplivox - A200 Insert Earphones (Eartone 5A 10 Ohm)

Amplivox - A200 Insert Earphones (Eartone 5A 10 Ohm)

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Eartone 5A Insert Earphones share all of the benefits of the 3A plus a couple of key advantages:

  • Allows for testing at higher frequencies, is more durable and is considerably less expensive than the 3A models.
  • The 5A uses the same E-A-R Link eartips as the 3A.
  • Includes a variety of the testing tips
  • Provides the most efficient and reliable testing available. More and more hearing healthcare professionals are experiencing the benefits of insert earphones.
Couple directly to the ear canal via patented E-A-Rlink foam eartips that:
  • Increase inter-aural attenuation & reduce the need for masking
  • Reduce ambient noise artefact (greater than 30dB) allowing reliable threshold measurement in sub-standard test environments
  • Minimize the occlusion effect in bone conduction tests.
  • Eliminate collapsed ear canal artifact.
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