Reconditioned Siemens HearCheck Screener

Reconditioned Siemens HearCheck Screener

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  • Technologically advanced, accurate, simple and hygienic method of screening for hearing loss
  • Allows determination whether further assessment by a hearing care professional is required
  • Results available after only 30 seconds
  • One push button operation
  • Easy LED colour-coded assessment with three light indicator:
  • - Green: Soft sound
  • - Amber: Medium sound
  • - Red: Loud sound
  • Two test frequencies:
  • 1kHz and 3kHz with different levels in the range of 20 to 75 dBHL
  • CE approved medical device class 2a 


  • One device per box
  • Starter pack of ear cups (25 pcs.)
  • 2 AAA size batteries
  • User manual

*This device is not an audiometer and should not be used for any purpose other than screening