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Battery Operated Cautery Set
• Economical battery powered cautery unit
• Suitable for basic application minor surgery
• Simple push connection for tips
• Fingertip power control
• Supplied with 2 x short loop disposable tips, 2 x short heavy duty disposable tips and 2 x AA batteries in a case
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Regular Price: £ 90.00

£ 64.99 ex. VAT (£ 77.99 inc. VAT)

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C300 Rechargeable Cautery
The low cost C300 rechargeable cautery is perfect for any health professional that requires an easy to use, reliable cautery system.

Supplied with a rechargeable battery handle, 2 burner tips (Ring Cutter and Puncture Point), charger unit and convenient carry case, the C300 can easily be taken on domiciliary visits or conveniently stored away when not in use.

A comprehensive range of burners is available making the C300 versatile for all minor surgical procedures requiring the use of a cautery....Learn More
£ 399.00 ex. VAT (£ 478.80 inc. VAT)

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Elemental Compact Cautery Set
• 3 Year warranty
• High temperature Cautery Unit powered by two AA batteries
• High quality all metal construction handle with Teflon connector
• Supplied with five Platinum-Iridium, 3cm burners, as shown
• Supplied in case with 2 x AA size batteries
• Fully autoclaveable handle and tips - excluding batteries
• Reuseable Tips please see code S6922 and • Single Use Tips please see code S6916...Learn More
£ 227.00 ex. VAT (£ 272.40 inc. VAT)

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Elemental Rechargeable Cautery Without Burners
• 3 Year warranty
• Elemental Cautery system with rechargeable power supply
• Exceptionally compact ‘foot-print’ on desk charger, ideal for surfaces where space is at a premium
• Hygienic design - no awkward or difficult to clean areas
• Simple to use - just plug-in, recharge and use
• Intelligent charging system with NiMH rechargeable battery
• Fully charged from empty in 3 hours 10 to 15 minutes continual operation from a full charge
• Twin lamp charging indicators
• Slim handle with exact-touch control, highly accurate and well balanced in use
• Fully autoclaveable handle and tips (excluding battery)
• Burner sets available:

• 3-Burner Set please see code S6914

• 5-Burner Set please see code S6915

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£ 547.00 ex. VAT (£ 656.40 inc. VAT)

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Elemental Rechargeable Cautery Without Burners
• Complete all-in-one ready-to-use diathermy machine
• Remote power control, saving procedure time
• Allows 3 separate power settings to be stored - low power, hi power and bipolar
• Precise rapid destruction of all types of cutaneous lesion - both superficial and deep
• Controls surgical bleeding simply, quickly and effectively
• Ideal for the treatment of Benign Moles, Common viral warts, Seborrhoeic warts, Skin tags, Solar keratoses, Spider naevi, Telangiectasias, Venereal warts, etc.
• Delivers rapid, precise destruction of all types of cutaneous malformation, including telangiectasia and unwanted hair growth
• Provides controlled tissue coagulation and precise surgical haemostasis using bipolar coagulation. Small lesions can be treated without anaesthesia
• Fingertip control for increasing decreasing power
• Footswitch makes this model ideal for delicate procedures. The operator can control power on/off from the foot pedal rather than the handpiece
• Bipolar forceps for coagulation and haemostasis

Pack includes:

Reusable hand switching pencil


Bipolar forcesps and cable

Starter box of non-sterile electrolase tips (blunt & sharp - 5 off each)

2 non-sterile sheaths for handle

2 sterile sheaths for handle and cord

Wall mount kit

Operators manual and training CD...Learn More
£ 1,444.00 ex. VAT (£ 1,732.80 inc. VAT)

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